Opened, Leftover Epistane

  1. Opened, Leftover Epistane

    Hi Guys, I posted this in the 'Anabolics' section, but was told I may get a better response here...

    I'm about to start a new cycle, I have 100ish Epistane caps I want to use, the thing is they've been sitting in the pot for the past 18 months or so, the pot has been opened, the cotton wool and seal have been removed, but the lid has been on the whole time. I'm just wondering if they will be ok/safe to use, and if they will have lost any potency...?


  2. I just did the same as well....Started Epi@40mgs per day on the 4th...My bottles have been in storage for at least 18 months and I guarntee they are good...Enjoy.

  3. Agree with M16, it should be fine, go for it.
    PHF Rep

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