Everyone here at...

  1. Everyone here at...

    Everyone here at IBE would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very safe, and enjoyable Easter weekend. No matter what your religious preference is, take this time to surround yourself with the ones that you hold closest to your heart and enjoy their presence; be grateful for them. This is also the time to forgive those that may have wronged you in the past. Resurrection isn't just for Jesus, it can also be a metaphor for bringing back to life a lost relationship that may have suffered an unjust ending due to human error. Now is the time to forgive and love again. Coming from a person that has seen life treated as poorly as dirt, take my words to heart as I tell you that life is worth its weight in gold. Do not exist to merely exist - exist to bring peace and love to each other, to bring back the true spirit of life.

    I hope you all will be safe and love the life that is so delicate.

    Happy Easter from IBE!

  2. Happy easter to you to Iron Lungz, and all the guys over at IBE and all AM members

  3. Have a great Easter weekend everyone !

    Like Iron said, stay safe and spend as much time as you possibly can with family and friends.

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  4. For sure you guys be safe and enjoy the time with your loved ones...I know I plan on it.

  5. i hope all of you are having a good friday

  6. Happy Easter Weekend!
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  7. Happy Easter everyone and enjoy time with your love ones, thanks for this reminder Iron!

  8. Indeed! God Bless and stay safe!

    P.S dont forget to buy Mom easter flowers

  9. Quote Originally Posted by DormantFiber View Post
    Happy Easter everyone and enjoy time with your love ones, thanks for this reminder Iron!
    Not a problem.

  10. enjoy the holiday everyone!

  11. Happy Easter

  12. Have a fun weekend! Happy Easter!

  13. I absolutely love the metaphor reference,.. mom hates flowers! Happy Easter to all!!
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