EPI + DCP/leanXtreme OR EPI then DCP....

  1. Talking EPI + DCP/leanXtreme OR EPI then DCP....

    Hi all,

    So, I've started my EPI cycle after reading all the information I could find from all you guys. Search played a vital role . going to be doing a 20/30/30/40 cycle.

    I'm getting some DCP and Lean X-treme and I wanted to ask you guys whether you thought I should take it while on cycle or as part of PCT. I saw that some guys taking Havok were taking it both ways, and wanted to see if it would be any different on Epistane. I figured not, and I was thinking I would start it on my 2nd week, barring any major contradictions here.

    So, thanks for your time viewing the thread, and any suggestions would be much appreciated. When I'm done with the cycle I'm thinking I should post a log and b4/after pics, if there's any support for that.


  2. Oh, I also forgot to mention I'm running CLA on Cycle. So if that would affect the DCP or Lean Xtreme, lemme know. I would rather be too thorough than not enough.

  3. I would take it on cycle. But thats just me
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