Poops returned

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  1. WOOOOOOOOO!!!! poopys back!!!

  2. Welcome back Poop! Good to see things are coming along, and I hope everyhting just keeps getting better for you brah! And speaking of cutting, my flabby 193lb ass needs to do some of that as well!

  3. Dude... FINALLY.... You are back.

    not that I have been around!

    The Historic PES Legend

  4. Poop-deck Pappy. Well, what are we waitin for? Brother iron and Sister steel will treat you right.

  5. Poopdawgy! Good to see ya 'round bro.

  6. I been layin low too poopy...wassup fool. That gayhawk dude still around..I got two friends on this board..one of em is poopster
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  7. Poopy was here, and now he is gone again...

  8. Where ya at poop ?


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