2nd cycle epistane

  1. 2nd cycle epistane

    Hi, I was running an epistane cycle some time ago for a few weeks (30-40mg, 2x90 caps used). I was happy with my gains although it was my 1st ph cycle. I have experienced some hair loss and even gyno (at the last week) but after taking restore as a pct everything has back to normal.

    So now I'm planning to run a pulse cycle.
    Im training 4 times a week so im goin to take epi only on training days 20mg pre and 10 post workout for the first week and then 20/20.
    My question is (because i havent experienced any shut down during the first cycle): Do i need to make any brakes in taking epistane? Like 2 weeks on/ 1 off or something like that? Or can I just take it on training days without any brakes for the whole cycle?- this would be nice

  2. You say back to normal -does that include hair regrowth?

  3. no, i meant gyno...

  4. I wouldnt run it past 6 weeks without taking 6-8 weeks off of it completely, even if you're pulsing.
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