epi mgs/pill

  1. epi mgs/pill

    Ok so i just picked up a bottle of Epi, lean xtreme, clomid, and a bottle of clen(dont know why) but my question is, I thought they used to be 10mg pills now they are 20? I heard the standard dosage for people with expirence was 30mgs/day. true or no? This will be my thrid cycle as ive done h-drol havoc and now epi. Im 200 lbs and 5'11 lifting for about 6 years and lift heavy all the time for hypertrophy. Can you guys advise me on how to take these as I am used to 10mg dosages. THanks

  2. They are 10mg
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  3. The clomid may very well be dosed at 20mg heh, but not the epi.

  4. Yeah dude, unless they made a new lot over night that had new measurements, the pills are 10mg.

  5. yeaaa im an idiot...2 pills is a serving....i get it now, pardon my dumbassness

  6. 2 pills are a serving if you want to take 20mg.


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