espitane legal in canada?

  1. espitane legal in canada?

    Is it legal to bring this stuff into canada?

  2. You can try, sometimes it makes it, sometimes it does not. I have personally had batches of the stuff confiscated as the parent Epitiostanol is on the Class 4 (I think) list of substances.

    number 13.

  3. what happens if it doesn't? is it just taken, no other actions? where did you order from?
  4. Definitely not

    Had two bottles seized at border, claimed they are steroids:

  5. Just taken no other actions. Sent the rest of my order on with no letter nothing.

  6. Angry Espitane

    I did receive letter from custom officer stating that these were steroids and not allowed in Canada. Although a year ago, I ordered one bottle and they did'nt open the box, chances you take I guess.

  7. Customs checks 10% of traffic flow, unless you have been flagged

    I could perhaps trade something PM me


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