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  1. American Cellular Tren

    I am 45, I just finished a cycle of AC Tren... LOVED IT!! Here's my concern... I started at 180 pds. I cycled 2 bottles taking 3 a day. I gained 10 pds (190) during my cycle... I eat extremely healthy... I've been training with a BB trainer. Great results accross the board.

    Now, I am 2 weeks into a post cycle taking:

    Test 2 from Nitro
    ZMA from Max Muscle
    Estrogentics (sp) from Hi-tech.

    I have not changed my diet other than taking in a few more calories and I up'd my protien intake.

    What is the deal... As of this am... I am 183 on the scale. Thats a drop of 7 pounds in 2 weeks. I have been training just as hard if not harder... My strength has not changed much... I have noticed I can push a little more than during my cycle. I don't seem to fatigue as fast on my PCT.

    Please shed some light on this.. I've been told the weight gain has a lot to do with water retention. I don't think I have lossed any muscle size yet and my wife says I look a little leaner.

    As I think about another stack... My goal was to increase my weight to 190 and keep it... If Tren helped me gain 2-3 pounds is it really worth it...?

    I would love to hear some feedback and discussion on this topic if some of you experts would be williing to offer up some of your wisdon.



  2. im not certain, but i believe a lot of guys use creatine and a cortisol control supp to keep muscle loss to a minimum. you should really be checking the steroid forum tho bud. or the pct forum. youll find a lot more info about this stuff there.

  3. Thanks... I also take a Fightfuel creatine before each workout. I hate dropping so much weight on this PCT. I don't get it...


  4. hrm. stress maybe? i only lost 1 lb on my PCT from tren and i didn't finish the first bottle. i'm guessing its either stress related or sleep related, if your diet is ok. course if your strength went up and you've kept it (which i did too), and you do proper pct, then start it again, you'll soon be 185 lbs benching 400.... there's always a good side.

  5. I maybe a little off on this but I think that your age may play a role here. Did you get any blood work done? How long have you been training regularly and what does your trainer say about this?



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