hardgainer starting stronglifts 5x5 program -fitting in kickboxing classes?

  1. hardgainer starting stronglifts 5x5 program -fitting in kickboxing classes?

    hey guys
    i have 3mo before my schedule gets hectic with work so i want to bulk up as much as possible before then.
    first of all do you guys think the stronglifts 5x5 is the best choice for a beginner? and secondly do you think my bulking will be limited by my kickboxing lessons? they are MWF 2hrs in the evenings and the workout is pretty intense. Im willing to stop taking the classes for the sake of bulking up
    do you guys think it would help to do my strengthlifts before the kickboxing classes, after? or on the alternate days(i dont think alternate days would give my body enough rest to build mass?)

    please let me know what you think or if anymore info would help
    i have to pay for the next 3mo of boxing tonight so id appreciate your advice
    thanks in advance

  2. put the kick boxing to one side for now, being a hard gainer you will need to rest as much as possible in order to gain mass. you could possibly start again after your bulk to loose some unwanted pound.

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