Ok...I'm trying to put on weight right now. Strictly bulking. I usually eat my biggest carb meal for breakfast and post workout. By the end of the day I'm way short on calories and I usually just eat a big carb meal before bed. My quality of sleep has sucked lately and I think that might be it. I've thought about just eating more fats at night but I'm kind of stuck in the mind set of always needing to eat carbs. I am a beginner for the most part so any insight on this will help. I just want to put on quality weight without feeling sluggish and bloated all the time. I'm considering the following options:

1.) The final meal of the day being very low in carbs. Protein shake or a salad.

2.)Adding maltodextrin to my before bed shake since it settles better than other carbs such as pasta.

I've also heard that eating carbs before bed can hurt your growth hormone production. My recovery hasn't been top notch lately so I'm just not sure. I'm going to start taking ZMA in hopes of better sleep. HELP!!!