5*5 info needed please looking to get big

  1. Unhappy 5*5 info needed please looking to get big

    Hi I've been doing the whole 3 sets of 8-10 thing for the past 2 months and my strenth hasn't gone up to much but the size increase has been pretty good. I was going to start a 5*5 program because I heard it focuses on strength but it also give some size which sounds great. I was going to start this next week and continue for the next 3 months. I was wondering if I should still only go in 3 times a week with the 5*5 program but do an all over body workout or go in every day but do different muscles groups does doing the everyday plan work on strength mostly or will it give me the size I'm looking for to?

  2. ive been doin a 5x5 routine for about 5weeks... and in that amount of time the weight u start 5x5 should be the weight you can do 3x10 of after a few weeks (if this is ur first 5x5) because ur strength will boost fairly fast if u push yourself... i saw largest incerase in week 3

    almost forgot-
    i dono if i would do the 5x5 for 3 months... try it for 8 weeks or so and switch to german volume trainin (10x10)
    but first go back to 3x10 and see your strength increases after the 5x5
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  3. 5x5 works

  4. you can do a 3 day circuit workout, but i go mon-fri doin a different muscle group eachtime strength goes up every week if you push yourself with as much intensity as i use you can as well

  5. Google Bill Starr's 5x5...not sure if you have already done this...but that is the program I am doing. If you do it correctly 3 days should be enough b/c youll be very sore the days between.

    Any one else done his program. I am curious how ppl have increased there weight after each week. Did you pick out a certain percentage and stick with that for each excersice? Or just what you felt would be comfortable to increase too?

  6. i just started my own 5x5. when im trying to bulk i will start with a very abbreviated routine(squats,dips,sandbag clean and press)(deadlift,chins,rack pulls) two days a week then after a few weeks i will change out a couple of the exercises but keep the squats and deads throughout the cycle.keep adding # in small incriments and eat alot. every other weekend i do a strongman/conditioning type session also.


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