Post workout shake after cardio?

  1. Question Post workout shake after cardio?

    Im bulking but in off days i do cardio...think a lot of people do that too..but should i take a post workout shake after cardio?im taking muscle juice..and it right?
    thanks everyone

  2. when doin cardio the main source of fuel is carbs whether that just ingested or in the form of stored muscle and liver glycogen the most important thing to do after cardio is allow the glycogen levels to regenerate by eating a high carb meal otherwise the fuel source will become fat and protein leading to muscle catabolism of hard earned gains plus fat is not as good an energy source so trying to then workout on fat for fuel will lead to bad performance in the gym

  3. Thanks for the i if my goal was cutting..i shouldn´t take the shake right? so i could burn my fat? thanks!

  4. you need to consume something to avoid muscle catabolism but replenish muscle glycogen which is a major fuel source of anaerobic exercise (weight training) if you do not replenish this your training the next day will suffer so instead of a shake maybe chicken and rice or pasta for example hope this helps try and exercise at 60% of your HR max dont go much higher or you will train your aerobic threshold instead of being within the weight management zone leviathan reloaded are supposedly great for weight loss! good luck

  5. if you are aiming at bulking take some carbs 30 minutes pre-wo. and post workout throw down some whey protein with dextrose/WMS

  6. thanks newbie and texas =]
    time to rock


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