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  1. Exclamation Doing an Experiment/Log

    I figured I'd log my experiment to see how much i can actually gain the NATURAL way thru correct DIETING + SUPPLEMENTATION.

    My Diet will consist of 4500-5000 Cals a Day.
    I work As a pt at a gym, And i figured why not try to show up some of these Juiceheads

    My lifting schedule will follow as -
    1day on 2 Off For maximal recovery
    Lifting routine in Primarily 55Mins

    I will be going up in #'s About Every 3 workouts Which is about 1 week

    4x8 With the Occasional 4x8,7,6,4 To find out 1MaxReps

    I weigh in at 172 Right Now 10-11%bf, Was at 161 about 2 weeks ago, Because i was cutting extremely.
    Height 5'11 - Age 22

    TBar Rows
    Wide Grip Pull ups
    Wide Grip Pull downs
    Reverse Grip Pulldowns
    Chin ups
    Modified Power-Cleans Instead of using a barbell i use one dumbell and hold the sides. Tears up shoulders/back/core*Especially
    Abs + Core Exercises

    Current Supplementation:
    Fishoils 15-20g a day (Huge for joints and health)
    Flaxseed Oil 3g a day

    Multivitamin thru Naturemade
    Vit C 500mg
    Vit E

    Zinc + Magnesium (Natty Test Boost As well as deeper sleep)
    Vit C
    Vit E

    Protein + Others
    Creatine Monohydrate 5-10g a day
    Aminos With Arginine 10g a day
    L-Glutamine 10g a day
    Protein : Serious Mass By O.N.

    I drink 2 gals of water a day
    First add Aminos + Glutamine
    2nd pure water

    Creatine in morning and during the day
    Diet is as follows

    2Cups Oatmeal
    2Tbsp Pb*
    1/4 Scoop Serious Mass
    3 Eggs

    Shake 1 Scoop Protein
    2 Tbsp Pb
    800~ Cals

    Salad with Oil And Vinegar
    3 Eggs

    1 Scoop Protein
    Fruits- Apples/Ojs/Watermelon/Etc
    2 Tbsp

    Brown Rice,Red Beans, Mushrooms,Carrots,Potatoes,Etc

    B4 Bed Snack
    2 cups Oatmeal with 1.5 cups Skim Milk (6hrs to digest)
    1 Scoop Protein
    2tbsp pb

    Around 4500~ Calories.
    Will vary when i add in white potatoes which i love .

    *Natty Pb
    And Cinnamon Added to Eggs/Oatmeal for Fiber and lowering blood Sugar Levels.

    Sleeping 8-9hrs a day Everyday Never get LESS!
    Now if my log randomly stops, it's cuz my heart has stopped ha. So lets see the results

    :dl: :squat:

  2. I'm intrested. Show them juiceheads whats up!

  3. Will do. Gotta compete with 1/2 my gym ha

  4. Quote Originally Posted by MattRoeske View Post
    Will do. Gotta compete with 1/2 my gym ha
    Yea my gym is turning into guys on the juice..but its a high school gym..hard to compete with them.

  5. Now weighing in at 174 today, Starting ~3 weeks ago 160 :P

    Also went up 30lbs in squat today, Popped 165.
    As well as went up in Pulldowns 14.5lbs
    And Tbar rows added 25lbs
    And cleans went up to a 40lb dumbell.

    I plan to go up each weight atleast 2.5lbs on each workout and usually about 5-10lbs /week

  6. Changing up the routine just primarily, Doing Doublesssss Yes i said doubles haha, Morning : Chest Tri's Shoulders - Abs
    Night : Back Bi's Legs Forearms :P

    Get Huge! Or go Home!


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