Dropped the weight, now trying to bulk up.

  1. Dropped the weight, now trying to bulk up.

    What's up everyone,

    I dropped about 100 pounds in the past year based solely on cardio alone. I've always played basketball and never really hit the gym for anything more than a quick session on the elliptical if my ankles were injured. Any advice on what I should focus on in order to do an all-around toning session?

    Many thanks,

  2. all around toning. JUmp rope. also work your core lifts add in variations and you will be good to go
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  3. if your looking for a full WO routine pm me and i can help you set one up.

  4. son i helped you set up yours haha
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  5. and how quick the apprentice can hold his own under a good apprenticeship huh

  6. haha
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  7. Id go with texas..hes da man.


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