what percent of protein from whole food?

  1. what percent of protein from whole food?

    was wondering what you guys thought about the protein intake. currently going for around 300 g's of protein a day and was curious as to what percentage of that should come from food... i was thinking around 70 or 80 so lemme know what yall think. i do about 2 to 3 weight gain shakes a day and also consume around 4500 cals a day. thanks guys...

  2. As much as you can make should come from whole foods - you get more nutrients in addition to the protein. And mix up those sources of protein too - chicken, beef, eggs, lamb, turkey, pork, even soy (gasp!) once in a while won't hurt you(it takes a lot of soy to actually impact your testosterone levels).

    I'll have whey powder in my breakfast with yoghurt, berries, PB and cottage cheese, then another 1.5 scoops in my PWO shake and that's it.

    Don't know what percentage that is, but the more from whole food, the better!

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