i need some really good advice!

  1. i need some really good advice!

    I need advice on a proper warm up for days i lift and a proper cardio regime while attempting to gain size and strength.

    I have currently been running one mile everyday in under 6 minutes before i lift and i think it is making me weaker and stalling my progress.

    I recently lost about 10 lbs of fat that i gained while undergoing a see food diet in attempt to gain mass.

    I then started eating clean and the fat came right off. So, i guess you can say i don't gain fat very easily. Only when im eating 6000-7000 calories a day of hotwings and pizza and crap, which is what i did to gain the 10 pounds of fat.

    Ill attach a picture to show you where I am at now and any advice would be appreciated.

    Please help me since i want to get big and become strong!

    send me an instant message at TyRReLL2oo9 ... copy and paste that ... and i will show u a picture of where im at

  2. Don't run before your workout, as that's a good way to guarantee you won't be able to lift as much/heavy as you can. Warming up can be as simple as doing a 20-rep set with light weight for the muscle group you're about to work. For example, say I'm doing chest, I will do a set of 20 incline presses with light weight, and then I will go about my routine. You don't have to do a warm up set for each exercise, only for each muscle group. Lift HEAVY. Heavy weights and high intensity lifts are keys to gaining mass.

    As far as cardio, running a sub-6-minute mile isn't exactly best for gaining size and strength. I'd actually consider that a catabolic activity. You should incorporate steady state cardio or HIIT to help preserve muscle.

  3. Buy a book called 'the mens health hard body plan' it has alot of info on workout and diet plans and goes into detail on warmups and everything involved in a workout.

  4. i usually do about 5-10 on the treadmill at about 3.5mph (not very fast at all) and may put it at a slight incline of 3-4 tops. gets the heart rate going a bit and body heat.
    as for whats been said stick to 1-2 warmup sets then get at it.
    i usually warmup more my first excercise for a muscle group and only do 1 really all out set with a heavy weight and incorporate rest-pause, forcedd reps, negatvies and drop sets. going all out on too many sets can lead to overtraining.

  5. In my opinion the type of warmup should correspond to the type of training, but I have been having success with a dynamic warmup focused on upper or lower body, and then using a gradual build up on my first exercise of each muscle group. Post your training style so we can all know some more info.

  6. 5 days a week

    i do abs everyday and calves with legs and traps with shoulders


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