The Ectomorph's Guide to Gaining Lean Mass

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    I will try to be kind with this reply. First, again 5500 was a rough estimate, but I think for an ectomorph who is very lean anywhere around 5000 is a good place to start. Whole milk is calorie dense, high in protein, and high in fats (which are proven to actually be burned for energy very readily). A Quarter Pounder with Cheese "every once in a while" as I said is truly not a bad thing, though every day would be dreadful. You did have one thing right, is isn't 1991 anymore. Also I would ask what your current diet looks like. I would guess at 165 you probably could use a few more cals. All of this was based upon pure experience. I went from 6 foot and 150 to 208 and 6.5% bodyfat in one year and three months. So I feel as though my system was very effective, would you agree? I was just trying to share my current system so that maybe some skinny fellows out there could benefit. If you have problems with the guide, then kindly provide your feedback in a civil manner and I will gladly respect that.
    Your numbers from 150 to 208 w/ 6% bodyfat seems a little exaggerated. No proof but little to optimistic or there are other factors involved.

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    Your numbers from 150 to 208 w/ 6% bodyfat seems a little exaggerated. No proof but little to optimistic or there are other factors involved.
    They are actually a little underexaggerated if I may be honest, I really started at like 147.5 and am currently at 208.3, body fat is still 6-7%. I'm not sure what your last sentence meant, but I can assure that I am not lying.

  3. So what if you are an Ecto (6'3" 205) and carb sensitive/insulin resistant as I am. I have always stuck to a diet of 60/30/10-50/30/20, but this is not a good idea if you are carb sensitive.

    What are bulking options for the insulin resistant?

  4. i did a writeup vaguely similar

    Gaining mass in a nutshell (a big nutshell)

    i also am an extreme ecto - graduated HS around 135 lbs at 5'9" then had dropped to 117 when i joined the army a year later. i've been training seriously for two years, and am 181 lbs right now around 10% body fat.

  5. 4000-4500 calories and training 4x week i just got fat. and those were 90% clean cals with a slice or two of pizza on sunday afternoons. i do better around 3000 with lots of sleep!!!



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