carb cycling

  1. carb cycling

    Is the idea of cycling carbs to speed up the metabolism and give the muscles more glycogen stores a good theory even when trying to gain muscle. Should the low carb day take place on a non-training day? Also how low should you cut the carbs on that day.

  2. The idea of carb cycling is to create an environment in the body that is very efficient at burning fat for fuel. Carb cycling can certainly be used for bulking ( a couple of people on here do it I believe). I personally don't like this tactic as I feel I am short changing myself at not providing myself carbs (from a nutritional standpoint and since I am putting a lot of stress on my body).

    Theres a lot of information on the web about certain diets in ketogenic nature (Anabolic Diet, Velocity diet, and CKD/TKDs {which are basically the two aforementioned ones}). Check those out and they will answer most of your questions that you have.

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