Back from long break

  1. Back from long break

    Ok, I've finally got my lazy ass back into the gym after 3 years.. Im currently weighing 185 and trying to get back to 205! I work in the Oil Fields out in the ocean 2 weeks on 2 weeks off an sweat my ass off. Ive been eating like a horse and working out daily, but only seem to either average out at the same weight or at most gain 1 lb. I've been lookin at supplements but alot has changed! What is out there that seems to be working good, dont really feel like wasting alot of money to find stuff that does or doesnt work.. If anyone could help I would appreciate it..

  2. do you know your bf%? 1 lb in what time period? What does your diet and training look like?

  3. No, I dont know my bf% at the moment. Lets see I work 2 week hitches, I would gain 3lbs then lose 4lbs, it was basically like that for the 2 weeks gains and loses. Left with 1lb gained.. I work an sweat so much its hard to eat more calories, carbs or protein then im burning.. We have any kinda of food we want, so im basically gorging myself on calories, carbs an protein right now 4-6 meals a day. Im working out with high weight an low reps. The gym out there is small so im focusing on 1 body part a day.

  4. 1 bodypart a day? why not just each body part once a week? Improvisation is wonderful. All you need is one dumbbell haha but seriously. 1 lb in two weeks aint bad though. Most people are happy with that man. Dont worry it'll just take time. I dont know if you have much access to supps but look into some creatine mono with glutamine and maybe some BCAA's and multi's. Those are staples in many people's diets and definitely help out a lot.

    ps with the math you did you should be losing a pound every two weeks haha.

  5. adjust your routine
    make sure you're getting enough rest
    and remember it takes more than a night



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