My Bulk Formual

  1. My Bulk Formual

    I AM ETCO WHO is active, really active

    protein 2g per BW
    carbs 4g per BW
    fat- whatever

    what do u guys feel abou this?

  2. Holy christ thats a lot of carbs. Do you use shakes?

    as far as numbers wise what you've got should be fine, you'll have to pay close attention to wether your developing muscle or fat though.

    Theres something to be said for a certain amount of fat but you wouldnt want it to become excessive. Trust me, im at just under 25% right now and while i will easily get back to 12-15% by the end of august, it still sucks. I only really planned on getting up to 20% at the most, but its just so much damn fun bulking.

  3. I take real gains shakes whick is about 70 grams of proteiin and 120g of carbs plud ,milk if I have it

  4. Thats a pretty basic formula but nothing really wrong with it per say as long as you gaugue your progress and how your body responds to that amount of carbs (I was eating 800 grams worth on my carb up days and it was a chore, doing that dalily plus appreciable amounts of protein and fats is going to be quite a task ~ your looking at 5660 calories if you take in around 50 grams of fat. Not saying thats unreasonable but is a task.)

    Also you will want to nail your fat intake in to help bolster hormone levels as much as you can via fat intake and also just for overall general health.

  5. Have you ever ran AP or P-Slin? Both are suppose to mimic insulin to help push those carbs towards muscle instead of fat. Couldn't hurt, especially if your planning on consuming that many carbs per day, which personally I don't see a problem with, because if your like me then you can't grow without carbs.

    I'm sure you realize this, but:

    Pro: 2 x 215 x 4 = 1720 calories
    Carbs: 4 x 215 x 4 = 3440 calories

    Total without fats included: 5160 calories

  6. damn 5k cal... i nevered counted cal only protein


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