How should my diet change while on Epistane?

  1. How should my diet change while on Epistane?

    So im running my first cycle of Epi, Looking for some good gains. Not super worried if they are really lean or not, since im not a real low body fat to begin with. I put on wieght around 3500-4000 Calories without putting to much fat. Now im wondering during my epi cycle im assuming that im going to need to up my calories even more right? What should i up my daily caloric intake to? Any suggestions Please? Im currently on day 2 of 20mg of epi. Im 6'2 about 205lbs

  2. Honestly man this is a question you should have addressed prior to even thinking of starting anything hormonal. Hormonals are no joke and have to be taken seriously, and the fact that you don't even have a caloric intake (and therefore not a set nutritional plan set up) is not the best indicator that you should be taking it (beyond a health standpoint which is the biggest concern, why take something if the gains will be less than full capacity because nutrition isn't set up?).

    It seems like you answered your own question. You know what you gain at without putting on fat, so use that number. Anything beyond that is dependant on your goals.

    All considered I suggest you cease use and hold off for a few weeks so you can nail in your cycle, nutrition, support stuff, and pct (you have a pct planned already for this one?). Also side note, how old are ya?

  3. Yeah i have a pct. That last post may have sounded like i have no idea what im talking about. My bad. It is my first cycle , but im by no means a noob to proper diet and lifting. Ive been putting on wieght for about the last 2 years pretty consistnetly. Ive been lifting about 4-5 seriosly. Ive been researching this alot, and My diet is very good where its at and My goal is to bulk, Id like to put on 12-15 pounds. Doesnt have to be super lean. Im 23, almost 24. My question was should i bump my calories an extra 500 above what i normally intake when trying to gain while accomplish my goal?

    Heres what im currently doing. I feel like its pretty well thought out. If you think otherwise, please let me know. Im just looking for a little advice in my diet. I would greatly appreciate any help.

    Im running epi 12/20/30/30
    I have cycle support, Multis, 10g Fish oil, poseiden, Protien.

    My PCT Involves, Nolva, Retain2, Post Cycle Support, Fish Oil, Multi, Powerfull, Extend, Protien.

  4. That sounds like your have it well thought out, and much more planned than your original post made it sound like lol. It's just a lot of people come on here and see these great results and go out and start epi/havoc. or what have you and think its just another run of the mill supplement.

    As far as your nutrition goes i think a 3700 calorie would be a good place to start, and then bump it up to 4000+ if as you gauge your results (since like you said 3500-4000 seems to be your sweet spot, and fat gain isn't a massive concern). How long is your cycle planned for?

  5. Yeah i totally understand what you talking about with people thikning epi is just another "creatine like" supp. No Bueno. Im running ED for 4 weeks. I havent heard of any really good gains coming after that so. I may bump up to 40mg in my 4th week, but im i will play it by ear. Its my first cycle so id rather sacrafice a little gains for doing something stupid.
    Heres my dosing. Im on day 2 of 20mg. Starting to feel it. Its real nice.


    Ok i was thinking that around 4000 would probably be good. I play AAA softball 4-5 nights a week so i get good bit of cardio. Plus I have always been good at cutting so. As far as my rations im at about 40-40-20. Is that ratio fine for my diet.

  6. As long as your not downing the brewskies at the Softball games .

    Yea again the split will be determined on what you want out of this cycle. 40/40/20 is a great place to jump off from and you can adjust as you see fit (Epistane has some great recomp effects so you could probably even get by on a little lower carbs and still see really nice LBM gains and some fat loss ~ depending on your bodies reactions to carbs.)


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