Would i gain weight on this...

  1. Would i gain weight on this...

    Hi All,
    Im 5'10 and 65kg and really desperately skinny. I'm going on holidays in around 8 weeks and i need to put on weight and FAST...
    Im starting a plan soon to consume in and around 3500 cals a day (at least i hope).
    Heres my off workout day diet, please advise as you see neccesary...
    8am Serious Mass (1000 cals)

    10.30am 2 Oat Cereal bars and a bannana (380 cals)

    1.30pm Lunch-usually a sandwhich + milk (600 cals)

    5-6pm Dinner-Whatever mom makes (600-700 cals)

    Before Bed - Serious Mass (~1000 cals)

    In totals this comes in around 3500 cals, and i know i will gain some fat but hopefully some muscle too.

    Add Supps: Multi-Vit, Fish Oil, Creatine Mono

    Can i expect decent weight gain if i stick to this plan??
    Thanks guys appreciate any help!!

  2. this has always been my advice for if you really want to gain weight...take it or leave it.... if you want to bulk.... EAT.... EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT... everytime you take a crap go eat more food then you just crapped out. everytime you piss go drink more than you pissed out. everytime you get jiggy with your girl think about how many calories you just burned and go eat more than you just used. use heavy a$$ weights and stick to low reps. sleep at least 8 hours.

    with that you need to add a couple of more meals at least 5 per day with minimum 500-700 calories in each one. i know it sounds like alot but in your plan your getting 1000 calories from a shake and that wont cut it. plan on reaching your 3500 calories through solid foods and whatever the shakes and stuff are just consider them bonus. in 8 weeks you might put on 15-20 lbs if you really stick with it but you also need to lay out what kind of workout routine you plan on doing.

  3. Most of it honestly depends on your basal metabolic rate and how much your caloric intake has increased. I like that you're approaching it all natural that's good. But the basic rule is if you're plus 500 calories a day with your workout and BMR for a week then you should gain a pound. Whether it's a pound of fat or a pound of muscle i'd say depends on what you're eating. Honestly i think you should go for some more whole foods but what can you do?

  4. Thanks for the replys guys...
    I think you have some good points that i really need to be eating more and drinking less food. My problem is that i can find it hard to eat big meals all the time, drinking the shakes just make it easy you know.
    I guess i have to make a big effort if i want to see results
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    I'd down the Serious Mass for breakfast, then add in some good whole meals during the day. Try and eat 6-8 smaller meals, over time you'll be able to eat more easily.. it is never easy starting out, trust me, but you'll ease into it.

  6. i wouldn't drink that shake before bed but if you don't mind a little extra fat i guess it would do the trick

  7. I would add a couple more meals in there.
    You need more carbs.
    I would also throw in a protein shake in the morning.
    and right after your workout.

  8. First off don't make the mistake and try and put down 6000 calories perday,it takes time i learned this hard way by being sick from eatn to much to fast,everyone told me u need 400 grams of protein a day plus 6000 caolries,but what they did'nt tell me was to cycle my self up to this so heres my advice,start with 3000 calories a day 150 grams of protein alot of carbs next week aim higher and the folowing weeks even higher .It took me a month to get my body to use 6000 caolries and 400 grams of protein,so take your time it will come.Also jus like what these guys told u don't rely on those shakes,use them to benefit whole food. 2ooo of my colories come from protein shakes and only 120 grams of my protein intake per day.I started at 156 now at 188 and its only been 40 sumtn days.

  9. i agree with the more carbs suggestion. which you wont be seeing much of protein shakes.... at least none that i have come across. but i dont worry too much about protein supps. maybe your serious mass or whatever it's called has some good carbs. get some good seven grain bread or nine grain or whatever haha. i dunno the specifics i just look at the nutrition facts.

  10. If you're trying to put on quality lean mass as opposed to some fat than it's not going to come on fast. Don't get frustrated if you're not putting on any weight it'll take time. Stay dedicated to your goal, but be realistic 8 weeks isn't a lot of time to put on too much weight so keep that in mind. I don't know how much weight you'd like to put on but as I said stay motivated and keep at it.


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