Need help bulking??

  1. Need help bulking??

    hey whats 6'1 160....i try to eat alot but i could never seem to pack on the pounds i want i eat eat eat but everyone ay eat more...i mean dam how much can i eat....but is there anything else that can assist whats the best protein or creatine.....HELPPPPP lol

  2. i can't understand you plight, but i can try to help you. the reason i can't understand is because i gain weight easily....fat weight. but listen, you simply must eat more if you are not growing muscle, or even fat.

    if you do not make yourself some weight gainer drinks, i suggest you start making two a day for yourself. that's an easy way to pack in 1000-2000 cals extra per day, depending upon just how much you wanna bulk.

    the likely suspects for a weight gainer shake you might ask? they are: protein powder 1.5 scoops, peanut butter, mixed berries/fruits of any kind, oatmeal, coconut (i like to add it to mine for fiber, flavor, healthy fat), olive oil/flaxoil/etc., dextrose, etc etc etc etc.

    make you a combo of protein/carbs/a lil fat for some quick growth, and one i like besides this standard combination is the protein/fats combination, where the fat is higher than the carbs, so i'd make a shake with 1.5 scoops protein, a serving of p.b., three servings of coconut, and a tbsp or two of flax oil. that's the **** right there.

    but i ain't done this in a while, as i am currently flip-flopping between cuts and growths. what i need to do is cut the fat off my frame while building more muscle. i'm really needing that now. so, i gotta do my **** carefully, BUT this should help YOU and your GOALS pretty well. good luck!

  3. which protein is best to use....and is createin necessary and if so which one.... I wanna get to that's real goal is 190

  4. Search button bro this question has been asked a million times. Do some research, this site provides great info which can benefit you in your dilemma. Anyways heres a few tips, track in what you eat, cals, protein, fat, carbs etc. Figure out your BMR and then take in more cals then you are expending. You'd be suprised how much energy is burned throughout the day, and how you think you're eating a ton of cals but you're really not. Train hard at the gym, eat quality meals with sufficient cals, sufficient rest and you should start packing some pounds. It's easier said than done but you get out what you put in.

  5. Here man:

    Some Advice For A Large Person Please?

    Read every post in that thread and follow every link. Granted, this kid is trying to 'shrink', not bulk, but the principles are the same. Determine your BMR, calculate your total cals, decide on your macro ratios, enter EVERYTHING into fitday and get to it.

    In addition to 'eating big' you are going to have to train your ass off so as not to become a fat ass. Heavy compound lifts, squats, deads, rows, etc. Squat some more. People have suggested 20 rep squats, squats and milk, etc. read up on them while you get your diet dialed in.
    “Besides, it is a disgrace to grow old through sheer carelessness before seeing what manner of man you may become by developing your bodily strength and beauty to their highest limit.”

  6. i wanna kno if this is a good mix for a bulking shake.....cyto weight gain(4scoops=600cals) peanut butter, flax oil and benefiber....let me kno if I should throw anything else in this doom shake lmao

  7. Quote Originally Posted by billdollar89 View Post
    i wanna kno if this is a good mix for a bulking shake.....cyto weight gain(4scoops=600cals) peanut butter, flax oil and benefiber....let me kno if I should throw anything else in this doom shake lmao
    chuck some whole eggs in. 2/3. Some sort of fruit. Soya nuts are pretty good too, full of protein!


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