hows my CLEAN bulk diet

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  1. Ah, come on dawaro, you know how fun it is to eat 12 cups

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    Oh I definatly agree, but I can now way eat enough to supplement me with my 340 grams! Wish I could! But hey, who doesn't like a tastey protien shake!
    I know where you are coming from. I try to get 340g a day myself (2xBW). The 160g I get from the shakes really helps get there. I am not sure I could do it on food alone just because of the physical amount it would require. What I target is at least 4 whole food meals per day. I figure that way I am getting the benifits of whole foods but still have a couple that are convient.

  3. If you can eat whole food over protein shakes whenever you can and supplement BCAA's in your diet. Optimum 100% whey is top notch stuff but it is an isolate so it is utilized quickly in your body and is not a good source of sustainable protein over time. And the time released **** (syntha 6 or casein) is ****ing expensive.


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