Is my diet ok?

  1. Is my diet ok?

    Please tell me what your thoughts are about this diet.

    I wake up at 5:00am I eat - bowl of raisen brand, 10oz protien shake ( muscle milk ) and a multi vitamin with a glass of orange juice.

    9:00am I eat half a chicken breast, about 8 spoon fulls of brown rice and a protien bar, thats usually has 15g of protien in it.

    11:00am I eat a full chicken breast about the same amount of brown rice, two hard boiled eggs, a cup of fruit.

    1:15pm I eat another half of a chicken breast some more brown rice and another muscle milk protien shake.

    I get to the gym at 2:30 and work out for about an hour of so, monday chest/arms
    tuesday legs
    wensday back
    thurs chest/arms
    friday shoulders

    At about 4:00pm I eat a sandwich with usually two sliced of chicken meat or roast beef, and sometimes another protein shake

    7:00pm I eat either a chicken salad from mcdonalds or a steak sub from subway something around those lines.

    10:30pm I drink another protein shake.

    I am trying to build as much muscle as I can and was wondering should I be adding more, is this ok or what?

    Any suggestions would be nice, thanks : )

  2. that's not gonna do it, homie. you need to have structure. what do you weigh? i'll go with, say, 160. you need to eat at least 3000 cals to start growing. that doesn't sound like enough. you should start with 3000 and go up accordingly, slowly.

    what to eat? make a plan like this:

    1 cup uncooked oats, 2 scoops whey, apple

    6 oz lean steak, serving peanut butter, bowl of brocolli

    10 oz sweet potato, 1 cup cottage cheese with some pineapple in it

    preworkout: 1 scoop whey with one banana
    post: 1 scoop whey with 40g dextrose

    8 oz 90/10 hamburger with 10 oz sweet potato, bowl of greens

    3 eggs and a serving of peanut butter, bowl of greens

    1 serving cottage cheese

    and you know, even with that sample diet, that's high on carbs for me, but you wanna bulk, so that's a bulker diet. as you get bigger and stronger, add in more food to each meal here and there til you're a big'n eating 5000 cals a day. RAWR!

    but you need real food. hardcore food. that beef, that fat, them CARBS. you need to grow. and you can't do it off what you're eating, unless you're 130 lbs. eat like a hoss to be a hoss, mayn.

  3. i just calculated real quick. this diet puts you at 3000 cals. damn, am i GOOD!!! i mean, i know my cals from the past. you should start with something like this, then as time goes on, add some more peanut butter, add some more fruit, add a few glasses of milk, add a few more oz of meat. it'll add up to 2000 more cals over time easily.
  4. I see

    well like I have also been looking at people diets who are amature bodybuilders and all of them have some chicken in it, or is that only to maintain their current weight and such?

    Also I work 8 hours a day, so should I be eating a whole lot more considering I am buring alot of cals up that way also?

    I mean my work isnt hard I just kinda stand there and work with my arms and hands but yaa know : /

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