Bulking and Cardio

  1. Bulking and Cardio

    When on a bulk stage how much cardio is suggested without impacting gains? Is 6-10 miles per week too much cardio when on a bulk phase?

  2. running... yes
    if you were on a bicycle or somthing like an elliptical maybe not so much but when bulking i always do bare minimum of cardio. maybe just a couple times a day just to get my heart goin.

  3. Here is my problem: I must find a happy medium between gaining mass and staying aerobically fit for my job (military) In other words I have no choice but to run 6-12 miles per week. Ultimately I must maintain a 7-7:30 minute per mile pace for a 2 mile run. Does cardio at this level diminish my ability to gain muscle and mass?

  4. It shouldn't diminish your ability. Some forego cardio alltogether when bulking, but a little bit helps with nutrient repartitioning. You can do three 4-mile runs / week and still bulk fine, just remember to up your calories after those runs to compensate

  5. if you have no choice but to maintain that amount of cardio just increase your calorie intake by about 500-800 on the days that you run. in a bulk you need to eat alot more than you burn.
    im doing a bulk right now and im taking in between 2800-3500 cals a day and i do a good amount of cardio a week.
    the amount of cardio that you are doing should not hinder your ability to bulk up if you remember to eat.

  6. Yes i have to agree here... eat heaps to compensate.... Good luck mate!

  7. Theirs a pro bb'r that just retired from the army/navy whatever it was.They ran quite a bit.I think more than you're saying.He said he had to go to base every so often and he would lose quite a bit of mass everytime from all the running.He was just saying now thats over and he can focus on building and actually consistently maintainig the new mass.This is one reason I would not join the military.I see many guys come to my gym in uniforms and they're never very big at all.Maybe toned but thats it.You just burn way too many cals without being able to eat all day to replenish them.Thank you for what you do though!Try to make up the lost cals with food and know that once you're done you can get much bigger much easier!


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