1. Blender!

    omg how did i live without it, i just made my first protein shake, was yogurt, some pears milk, and whey protein, i love it

    what do you guys suggest putting in it for massive weight gaining?

  2. oats, peanut butter, cottage cheese, honey, ice cream, whey protein, banana, milk, yogurt.

    there was once a post on here about a tuna shake but screw that!! remember you can never substitute these shakes for real food! goodluck man looks like your on the right track

  3. i too have recently re-discovered my blender after years of using just a shaker bottle.
    it does make the shake much better.
    i'm hooked on adding natty peanut butter to my chocolate shake. and sometimes add a banana.

  4. Thanks I hope I am,
    but like what combos i ment, unless that was a combo you use?

    like what things should i throw in their together so I kno what to get at the store next time I go...?

    Thanks for the help!

  5. I love my shakes too

    I'm allergic to whey protein, and soy sucks, so I make a shake using rice milk, rice protein powder (think it's incomplete protiens?) so i drop two whole raw eggs in there, bit of L-Glutamine for good measure and sometimes a banana! good stuff. Fills me up so much though, pretty much cant eat for an hour after this... maby a good meal replacement :P




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