Are these foods good for bulking?

  1. Are these foods good for bulking?

    Hey I am trying to bulk up my weight from 180 to 220 lbs for my senior year of high school football. I am 6'3 and work out 6 times a week (2 times a week per body part (shoulder, chest, back, arms, legs, abdominals), one heavy lift, one medium lift).

    Normally I eat whole wheat bread turkey sandwhiches, macaroni and cheese, peanuts, fish/chicken, chicken noodle soup (chunky brand) yogurts, bananas, oranges, apples, broccoli, milk, water, and eggs as my basic foods. Are these good foods to try and bulk with, and do you have any suggestions for foods that would help me bulk?

    Also, is 60 grams of protein (shake) and 10g glutamine good supps to help bulk with? (and weight gainer after lifts of course), and again suggestions for bulking supps would be appreciated.

    -To live for the lift, for the pump, for the feeling that your work makes you better than those around you. That, my friends, is the reason for my efforts.

  2. if you're eating all you want & drinking protein, & weight gainer, I'd say yeah, if anything you could even spare yourself the mac n cheese, unless you need carbs badly it's garbage.

  3. yea those foods are decent for tyring to put on some weight for football.

    Also check out this thread, it has the info you want.
    not enough cals

    Also make your own gainers (they taste better, are healthier, and will save you money)

  4. Nearly doubling if not doubling maintenance cals should help. 2and a half weeks and im up five lbs. And lookin slightly fuller already. All natural jus the normal weight gainer shakes.

  5. The only way your going to put on 40 pounds of lean body weight is to take roids. If you go from 180 to 220 without roids it will be 35Lbs of fat.

  6. nothin better than having deca d!ck your senior year!

  7. sounds like you need more fat in your diet. i realize that you are going for a lot of carbs, but fats should be just as important at any time. fats facilitate testosterone production. i see you eat eggs and peanuts for your fats. don't throw out the yolks; eat at least 6 a day, i would say. also, if your other source is peanuts, eat about 3-4 oz. a day. this is ballpark. that would put you at let's say about 90-100g a fat a day, of good fat at that. that's good. if you're getting your 3500 or so calories in, which seems to fit for your weight, i think that would put your fat content at 25%. it's kinda like the 40/40/20 ratio of protein/carb/fat, but i like my fat a lil' higher at all times. i usually like mine higher than that, with lower carbs, something of a 40/30/30, with the fat coming in primarily in the evening. sorry for going off on a tangent there, but just some thoughts.

    well, actually, i realize you're wanting to put on a lot of weight real quick. that's not really in my realm of knowledge. i like to move slowly. so you would wanna probably up your cals a bit, to what amount i couldn't say; it depends on just how pudgy you wanna get.


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