clean bulking carbs question

  1. Smile clean bulking carbs question

    hello everyone im trying to bulk the cleaniest possible sorry for my english im not from U.S.....

    my question is if im trying to bulk clean gaining more lean body mass than bf should i eat less carbs on my rest days? i have a fast metabolism but i put on fat very easy when i eat too many carbs my weight is 150 bf% 10

    i need help thanks to everyone for yours answers

  2. If your training hard your off days are critical for repair/growth. You can tapper them down a little bit if you are really carb sensitive but keep them at a reasonable amount. I personally have little to no difference between on/off days while trying to gain lbm on off days.

    Or if you just want to eat tons of clean carbs, have a solid nutritional plan, and not worry about gaining fat check out Anabolic Pump.

  3. yes that seems logical what you said about repair/growth on off days... what about the fat intake should i lower it on off days i take omega 3 in form of capsules and flax oil....

    thanks for helping ill check the anabolic pump i heard it is a good supplement

  4. Again healthy fats are very important in overall health and body growth (which againi is still very much in play on off days.)

    Keep your cals clean and fat gain should be very minimal (as long as you know what your body needs to grow as far as cal surplus without fat gain.)

  5. ok ill keep that in mind thanks for your help and ill try anabolic pump



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