Beginners guide to building mass!!!

  1. Beginners guide to building mass!!!

    Hi all,
    First off im a beginner to bodybuilding ive never really attempted pumping iron in a gym, but ive always been skinny and now im fed up of it.
    I am going on holidays in about 4 months time and i dont want to be like a rake on the beach so HELP is needed.
    Ive done pleny of research and heres my deal:
    -Im 5'10 and 147lbs.-
    Intake 3500-4000 cals
    Morning ON serious Mass shake 3/4 serving (about 1000 cals)
    Lunch ~ 600 cals
    Post-Workout - Protein shake
    Dinner ~ 900 cals
    Snack ~ 500 cals
    Pre Bed ON serious mass ~1000 cals

    Monday & thursday:
    Bench Press 3x6
    Squat 3x6
    Deadlift 3x6
    Shoulder Press 3x6
    Bicep curls 3x6
    Abs 3x6

    Other supplements include: Creatine monohydrate, Fish oil, BCAA and Glutamine.

    ALL in ALL How do I fare? Will i gain weight as i so desperately wish, any input appreciated!


  2. your diet is pretty vague so it's hard to tell how it looks just by the calories. Make sure you are getting atleast 200 grams of protien if not more for your body weight.

    as for your lifting program, I'm not sure about lifting body parts on that heavy a rep scheme twice a week.
    Why not break up your program into atleast an upper body and lower body day if you can only get in the gym 2 days a week.
    I would try and get in there 3 days a week if you can and split your body parts up even more. If you are going heavy and looking for mass you need to be able to maximize your effort and intensity for each body part trained. by training chest, shoulders, bicepts and tricepts, heavy all on the same day something has to give. For instance whatever you train towards the end of your workout will suffer greatly in the weight you can put up because your muscles will already be fatigued and thus you will have trouble achieving full muscle overload (because your weights will be lighter than if you were hitting that muscle fresh).
    I do like the fact that the program you have listed is made up of the core lifts. Stick to those core lifts, bench, deadlift, squats, military press, weighted Dips, as they are the best for producing mass....especially when you are just starting out.
    and if you do stick with the program you have outlined than atleast throw in some tricept work. Tri's are crucial to creating the illusion of size in the arm.
    I would also atleast add some sort of pulling excersize for your lats. You have deadlifts which will definitely build your back and your lats up but pullups, lat pulldowns, seated cable rows, bent over rows, bent over db rows are great for targeting the lats more directly and accentuating that "V" shape we are all looking for.
    basically since you are a beginner any type of lifting will probably produce decent gains.
    good luck bro.

  3. I love full body wo's(3x's a week),or upper then lower(2 upper,2 lower a week).I switch from split routines to full body wo's,It's agood way to add variety including different reps.Full body wo's are short and sweet for each muscle,a love tap,with split routines you beat the crap out of the muscle.I seem to grow better with fb wo's than split routines.I have been wondering if it's coincdence,but this is my third time to switch to fb in hopes of growing,and it worked.If anything it's the change.I usually do split routines cause you go to the gym more often and i love the gym,but after a long plataeu i switch and start growing.As soon as fb wo's seem to come to a hault,i switch back to split routines and usually do them longer,Bottom line.....change reps and rouitines from time to time.Also exercises,but some in my opinion,belong in all wo's(deads,sq's,bench,dips,mil press)There are hundreds of ways to grow,and all,within reason will work.So read,learn,and apply

  4. to each his own I guess. I've tried plenty of full body workouts and never gained a stitch of weight. It wasn't until I started spliting up my routines that I was able to make serious gains. But everyone is different.
    but I dissagree that simply because you train one or two muscles per workout that you are "beating the crap" out of the muscle. You can focus or two body parts and get a nice solid 45 min-1 hour workout in where you do enough to stimulate muscle growth but not to much to over do it.

  5. I wasn't saying you overdo it,i was just making an example,i guess a poor one.I will be starting a m-drol cycle in april and switching back to a split routine after a 3 month fb wo.With a full body wo i will do flat inc or dec bench for 3 sets.With a split i will do all those in one.I was just making a point that you train the muscles differently between the 2 wo's,and both seem to be affective.You hit the muscles with more execises and sets with a split cause they have a week to recover.with fb wo's you keep it short and sweet cause they get hit multiple times a week.I have seen people not respond to fb wo's from doing too much in one wo.When i do them it seems like once you start a muscle you are done and it's time to hit the next,but as i said you will do it again that same week,3 times with a true full body,2 times with my upper lower split.I also increased the volume a little when i started doing the upper lower split,and it's prob what i'll stick with as opposed to traditional fb.Upper on mon and thurs,lower on tues and fri.

  6. gotcha. makes sense. Sounds like a good program man.

  7. if your trying to build mass try a 5x5 workout. they work very good for me. get your max and go from 60%-100% on your sets. stick to he core lifts and i would divide your workout up such as bi's chest and tris one day shoulders & quads. you know what im sayin? anyways man hope this is of some luck. i wish you well.


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