I need a bulking diet!

  1. I need a bulking diet!

    Hey guys -- There are so many opinions when it comes to supplements, but time after time I hear "Get your diet straight, THEN work on your supps"

    Well, I'm here to get my diet straight. I'm on the Velocity diet right now (which is going splendidly). I will be done with it in 9 more days, and I want to get to the store and have tons of bulking food handy the day that I come off of it.

    I'm 24 years old, 175 lbs (plan on 170 in 9 days). I want to throw on slabs of muscle.

    So what is a good "clean" diet for someone with my stats?
    I'm also confused as to my carb intake pre-workout if someone can help me with that too.

    Thanks in advance, this forum is the most amazing I've ever found.

  2. Alright man this is great...with a great diet you get great results! If you are going to want to bulk you are going to first have to find your BMR, a site like this is a good start:

    After that you are gonna have to add in your daily activity to this number to get a more accurate number of calories burned, for reference use this site:

    Once you have that you will need to add 300-500 calories to this total to get you into a caloric surplus to gain weight. With all this keep in mind everyone's body acts differently and that lean body mass, as well as body composition, and body type will also effect this number. This is just a good place to start and gauge your gain(or lack of) weight and adjust from that point depending on if you are gaining too fast or slow. A good starting point is to try and gain 1lb a week. Some other good indicators to take into effect are how you look in the mirror and tape measurements.

    For food choices I keep it simple(college dorm living..) but some good sources of protein would be:
    -Chicken, turkey, tuna, salmon, cottage cheese, and milk

    good sources of carbs:
    -oats, many varieties of potatoes, rice, Whole Wheat bread, and a variety of fruits and veggies.

    and some healthy fats:
    -EFA's, Peanut butter, almonds, other various nuts, olive oil, etc
    Next you are gonna need to look at what foods and macros you will be eating. For simplicity i will suggest a 40/40/20 diet(carbs/protein/fats).

    phew...with all that said if you have any more specific questions i am sure to have left plenty out...just let me know and i will help you with what ever else you need.
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  3. Thanks Bolt! that is really helpful. Ok, I calculated my BMR at 2492 after I added activity, 2500 for simplicity. That puts me at 2800-3000 for gain.

    I get a free lunch every day at work, which can be either chicken breast or tuna, so that should be cool.

    How much leeway(sp) is there with stuff like cheeses? I love cheese =P

    Are there such a thing as "good" tortilla chips? I'm a sucker for nachos and I'd love to make some at home with chicken and fat free sour cream...

  4. yea that sounds about right for your weight, depending on how lean you are u might need more calories(i am 170 also and i am eating around 3200-3400 cals) but just start with 2800-3000 and then assess and move on from there.

    you could probably find some healthy nacho recipes if you look around, and some cheeses could be healthy(i don't eat much cheese so i can not suggest any types)...maybe post a thread in the recipes section and see if anyone on here has a good nacho recipe? idk but i think you could find a decent healthy way to make it, just do not know off the top of my head..
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  5. hey ninsha good thread im 17 and hovering around 175 too so this helps me a lot.

    about the nachos i really like the tostito's whole grain tortilla chips. they are good w/ salsa dip and if you melt shredded cheese on them in the microwave they are good too.



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