uneven biceps????

  1. uneven biceps????

    Hi there,

    Unitl recently I had not lifted any weights in about two years. About a month ago I decided to get back into lifting and have noticed some good results in the past 4 weeks.

    However my left bicep is quite a bit smaller than my dominant right arm?? I did notice a slight difference in size when I was lifting two years ago but noting major?

    My right arm flexed, not pumped is 15 and a half inches and my left arm is just 15 inches but quite noticable to the eye

    Can anyine suggest anything?? I dont want to do extra reps with my week arm and end up overtraining it.

    Many Thanks

  2. hey man i had the same problem you do. it helps if you first find which muscle is uneven. for me it was the outer bicep head so I had to use exercises to focus on it.

    when i trained my biceps I would do an extra set or two and try to eek out several more reps with the smaller arm so i got a bigger pump on it.

    now i pretty much have that problem fixed but its still somewhat smaller and it's because my left triceps just a little smaller than my right.

    basically i found that if one side is stronger than another you need to focus on that side more than normal to avoid any imbalances.

    hope i helped some

  3. Work the smaller one more.

    btw, overtraining a muscle can be a powerful stimulus for growth.

  4. Thanks WILL DA BEAST, I'll try and pin point the problem, got an idea I might be in the same boat as you were ie outer head. Left bicep just dont have that peak like the right one.

    Thanks Neil5585, I never thought of overtraining in that way b4, good thinking.

    Cheers Guys,

  5. You could always use dumbells so each arm works on its own,even do one arm at a time.Everyone has imbalances from right to left,i believe arnolds right arm was about 1/2" bigger than left,it definately has noticeably better peack than his left



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