Poll: Dirty or Clean Bulk????

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Dirty Bulk or CLean Bulk....?

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by suncloud View Post
    i dirty bulk like crazy. kinda embarrassed to say this, but i begin my morning with 3 cups of 1/2 and 1/2. 1k free calories baby.
    I must have need to gag, so thanks, I guess...

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Distilled Water View Post
    From now on I think I will just "clean" bulk . I have done "dirty" bulks in the past and All it does is make cutting back down harder. Whats the point of gaining 30lbs in 12 weeks when your just going to try and lose 20-30lbs in 12 weeks to be shredded again?

    When in the first place you could have just went for the lean mass the whole time and be a lean 12-15lbs heavier. I know people want to eat whatever sometimes but, like verything in life, moderation is key.

    You get what Im saying?
    Great point

  3. Quote Originally Posted by dnantwi View Post
    i want to build increase muscle and size. Is there any steriod alternative apart from steriods which will give me results??
    Train German Volume Training and buy 2 big 10lbs tub of protein with lots of carbs, as well as a creatine monohydrate and some bcaa's, if you follow a strict gvt program and take in 2 grams of protein per lbs of your weight you will gain around 10-15 lbs in 6-8 wks easy. Don't use roids until you know the answers that are most important- What can it do to my health? so on

  4. Well..being a jobless,carless full time college student kinda sucks ass, you kinda just gotta eat whats in the fridge.

    I had a rediculously fast metabolism before I started lifting, I could not gain a pound for my life, but when I started to hit the gym about two years ago, my throat became a shuttle lane for anything that edible, (four double cheeseburgers from mcdonalds after a workout) LOL, I tell ya I went from 115 pounds to 180 at my highest in about two years, i never truly got "fat" but in comparison to a bodybuilder standpoint, hell yea, haha, I mean i had about one ab visible for a long time

    but nowadays I usually try to do 15 minutes of cardio after every workout session, stay away from alot of sugars/fast food only if its last resort-but more intelligent choices so like a snackwrap, or a mcchicken..but god damn i just wanna beast out and get massive in the winter..the cardio/selective eating has taken quite the toll on my size

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Genetic79 View Post
    Dirty bulk is a sure fire way to get fat period.....
    there are different degrees of dirty, and what works for one may not work for another. Learn you're body type and what it responds to, and always keep up a little bit of cardio.

    Food-wise stay away from greasy takeouts, processed junk and empty calorific food high in sugar. Go for nutrient-dense foods.

  6. Eat yo put on muscle. THis will vary with the individual. Clean/dirty, whatever work you. Clean for me

  7. how many calories over maintainence are we talking about?

    i want to gain about 0.5 lb/week and so far by eating around 200-250 over..i been able to do that.

    i read it's not very realistic to put on anything more than that in terms of muscle..so can i continue to do this until i stop gaining, then increase the cals slightly?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Genetic79 View Post
    Dirty bulk is a sure fire way to get fat period.....

    Genetic, your sure a big ****er!!! lol What training routines do you normally do?

  9. I would note suggest a dirty bulk,grinman is right your bulk just be just like your cut but with bigger portions I would also suggest not getting so caught up in counting calories dont rely on numbers and stuff just go by how you feel. The way to grow is eat just above satisfaction at each meal by doing that you will get the quality cals you need without driving yourself nuts with numbers

  10. Quote Originally Posted by manifesto View Post
    So I am on the verge of just saying screw it and starting a full out bulk. It will be as clean as possible, but with the way my life is right now I can't make any gurantees... I am tired of trying to stay super clean and end up putting myself in a deficit. My life right now will just not let me sit there and count calories on fitday all day. Plus, its the winter, so I will bulk until maybe bulk until may, and then start cutting for the summer.

    So my question is how many of you guys just do a full out bulk. I know there are some...
    counting cals is only hard at first. Once you find out how many cals are in the different foods you eat it becomes second nature. How many cals do you usually bulk at?


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