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Recomp Ideas

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    Recomp Ideas

    Hello All,

    I am currently on a keto/AD diet and would like to stay on this, what I am wondering about is this possible stack idea. I want to get the strength back that I lost while dieting for the last 10 weeks and would like to drop from 18-20% b/f to 16% in these 8 weeks while staying roughly the same weight.

    Jungle Warefare 1cap 3x a day for weeks 1-8
    BAM 1cap 2x a day for weeks 1-4
    ProA 1 cap 2x a day for weeks 4-8
    Restore weeks 1cap 3x a day for weeks 8-12

    I will also be taking some other supps:
    Xtend ( not sure about dosage yet, idea's pls since I've never taken BCAA's before )
    Yohimbie ( again not sure about dosage, idea's plz )

    I am 25yrs old, 5'7, 215lbs, about 18-20% b/f

    I want to center my workouts around compound/olympic lifts with low intensity cardio 3x a week for probably 30minutes a piece.

    Please tear this apart and make lots of suggestions

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