WMS, Maltodextrin, or both?

  1. WMS, Maltodextrin, or both?

    Im making my own gainer shakes. Should I use WMS and Maltodextrin for the shakes, or should I just use WMS for my post workout shake, and the maltodextrin for my other two gainer shakes (morning, and before bed).

    Also is there something I can add to the shakes to slow down the absorption for the morning and night shakes? Would Inulin work for that?

  2. You're wanting to take a bunch of carbs before bed? I dunno if that'd be a hot idea. Either way, I think that WMS would be preferred over Malto.

    As for things that could slow absorbtion, adding something like psyllium or other bulk fiber to your shake would slow the absorbtion of protien and whatnot.
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  3. For your night shake why not skip the carbs and use a fair amount of healthy fats??
    Milk Protein Isolate mixed with peanut butter makes a really thick, pudding like shake that works great before bed and will keep you anabolic for a majority of the night. If you really want carbs, try some ground up oatmeal, that has fiber in it which will help slow down absorption, and its cheaper than dirt.
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  4. I wouldn't use Malto or WMS for a gainer. SuperCarb is a MUCH better option because, with a GI of 32, it will provide you with much slower absorbing carbs instead of completely spiking blood sugar levels. IMO, it will lead to leaner gains than the others would.

  5. Why would you choose one of the fastest carbs there is and then try to slow it down? I'd just get a slow carb to begin with....

    WMS is PWO. Diluted to a 10-12% solution, and don't mix slower absorbing things like whey in with it. It's pointless to get a very fast carb only to mix it with things that slow its absorption. Either get a highly hydrolysed protein or take the WMS 10 mins before the protein.



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