Cardio while bulking on test-e 500mg a week

  1. Cardio while bulking on test-e 500mg a week

    I'm bulking and doing test-e 500mg a week for 12 weeks. Is cardio ok to do to get my eating up? I need to eat more. Thanks. I'm afraid to loose weight!

  2. No cardio when bulking. No way to avoid not having an appetite when youre gorging yourself with food all day. But increasing cardio will hinder gains, and we want to get the absolute most out of our cycle right? Especially if that cycle's purpose is to bulk. Happy eating.

  3. Doing low intensity cardio 3 times a week is not gonna mess up your bulk. It will help keep the sloppy weight off you and when you are ready to lean out it won't be as hard and have to be on a rough crash diet.

  4. You still need to do some cardio to keep metab going and to keep off slooppy weight... if you do 15-20 of light cardio 2-3 times a week you should be good.

    I would advise against skipping it all toeghter my two cents though

  5. disregard the comment saying "No when bulking" thats the dumbest thing i have ever heard. I would do 20 mins incline walking 3x week for the heart health benefit alone.

  6. Sorry, but it is all going to depend on your goals...

    You want max size? I wouldn't cardio... You want a bigger recomp without adding much extra fat lbs? Do some mild cardio. I wouldn't go balls out on cardio, though.

    I think people also forget the fact that any +- will happen in the kitchen. I usually don't do much cardio overall, I just go straight to the kitchen and adjust macros. I understand the heart benefits and whatnot, but I don't see it being THAT useful when doing a cut or a bulk, I just adjust macros and calories overall. Works well with me.

    Anyways, if you are doing cardio, don't forget, some of the calories are going to be burnt off, so you'll have to eat more. Which brings us back to the main point, it's all about the eating. Of course, all of this with heart benefits aside.

    P.S.: I would much rather do an all out Lean Gains approach with more extreme calories approach (-15/+35 Nonworkout/Workout days) than doing any cardio whatsoever.
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