Is it good to cut weight
then bulk up and cut at the same time?

Im 5"10 1\2
And I currently weighed myself at 186-187 between there

One week ago I started at 194pounds and now Im at 186

Work out like 3-4 times a week from 11pm to 2am
I work out everything when i hit the gym
So there isn't any specific Muscle I work out.

and on Sundays I do parkour \ freerunning .. if anyone
knows what this is...
You can Look up "David Belle " Sabastian Focan " Parkour " FreeRunning " or you can read it up on
I started to do lots of strength upper body conditioning.
And this is a good source of cardio for me as well.

So Should I bulk up more or Cut more
Since I am @ 186 ALREADY at 5"10 1\2 and should I
Lose weight a bit more ?..