carbs load: more important pre or post workout

  1. carbs load: more important pre or post workout

    ok, so do u guys take more carbs pre or post workout? latley, i take the most carbs pre workout for the enegry i'll need. However, i know some people ingest more carbs post workout for the recovery. What do u think?

  2. Both. Pre workout for energy, post workout for glycogen replenishment.

    There's a lot more to Pre and Post workout nutrition then carbs. Protein and BCAA's are vital. Pre workout the BCAA has a synergistic anabolic effect with the GH released during workout, post workout your muscles are insulin sensitive which is primed for carb feeding and the Leucine within the BCAA increases both insulin sensitivity and insulin release, which is a double edged sword for carb ingestion (and proteins, aminos, creatine).

  3. I'll second the both idea.

    Studies have shown that the same preworkout drink will be about twice as anabolic as a post-workout shake. So the pre-workout shake is very big, but so is post-workout! So both....

  4. I'll say both. You need them before your workouts for energy, but you also need them afterwards to restore your glycogen levels. But, you get carbs from a lot of what you drink and eat. So, I'd say that, ultimately, if you had to choose one or the other, then I'd go with post-workout. Only because, if it weren't for carbs and especially protein, then the strenuous exercise would do more harm than good. Your body would hate you.

  5. I used to just do post workout but I've noticed that I have better workouts and performance if I shake before working out...I say both from experience...

  6. Low glycemic carbs pre and high glycemic carbs post along with your protein for pre and post.

  7. Both man. Definitely.

  8. I'd say Post is more important.. There are numerous supps which don't have protein OR carbs which make GREAT pre-workout supps.. however all Postworkout supps have protein and carbs in some kinda ratio.

    Hey Agg- whats the deal with all the people putting "disclaimers" in their signatures? people actually ask u 4 medical advice?
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    both. I do whole grains pre workout, and quick carbs post workout. These are 2 of my biggest carb meals of the day. (unless its a cheat day)


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