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    hey guys, looking at all of the gainers from GNC absolutely all of the gainers have their #1 ingredient being maltodextrin. I know they do it so they don't have to list that they have a ridiculously high amount of sugar in their product although maltodextrin digests faster than dextrose. Even my favorite (cytogainer) boasts a ton of maltodextrin, albiet they say it's some slow-release crap.

    What gives? are there many gainers out there (that actually taste good) that aren't crazy-high in high-GI carbs?

  2. I know man it's pretty dumb. All that sugar is just a really cheap way to fluff up the weight and keep down the price on those gainers..

    I dont really use these too much as the sugar and all the other crap just doesn't sit well with me, but Ive always had success just eating more regular food and not even bothering with the stuff ya know.. A mix of whey/isolate and casein is what I use for just anytime I can't get a hold of some meat or prepared food..

    I wouldnt really recommend these gainer formulas.. its hard to get away from the high GIs, although if I had to pick one it would just be muscle milk with some iso thrown in there just for the taste.. its undeniably good but has a lot of cals.. you won't be dissapointed in taste but just watch all the extra crap that provides filler along with the protein.. but you seem to get the idea good luck buddy

  3. Try looking in the Recipes forum. You should be able to find some recipes for homemade (and healthy) weight gainer shakes. They usually consist of WPI, bananas, oats, etc. Someone referred me to the Recipes forum earlier because I was looking for some ideas for when I bulk.

    Stay away from GNC, period. Save your money. Shop at NP.

    I've heard that WMS is much better than maltodextrin and dextrose. Look into D-Ribose also.

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