Should I consider a weight gainer?

  1. Should I consider a weight gainer?

    Hi Team.

    This morning I had a health re-assesment at the gym, to monitor & check my progress, since it's been three months since I've gone on a bulk.

    The problem is, in the last 3 months I've actually LOST 3kg's of 'weght'. The scales said that my water weight was about the same, that I'd gained 0.8% of lean muscle. Now, not gaining weight isn't exactly the biggest of my problems. But to be honest, if I'm going to compete next year & have a chance, I obviously need some mass right? Maybe I should juz consider going in lean & cut?

    Here's how a general day for me looks...

    I wake up at 5:45, I get up, do 20 minutes of yoga. I then take 2 PowerFULL tablets. 15 minutes latter I pop an Anabolic Pump tab.

    Meal 1, 100g of oats + WPI
    Meal 2, a large banana + can of salmon
    Meal 3, 200g of chicken breast, 100g of basmati rice + 30g broad beans
    Meal 4, Another can of salmon, this time with 15 (or so) almonds
    Pre workout (half an hour before take 3 PowerFULL, 15 minutes latter take a AP). Full strength Red bull, 100g of oats + whey (The whey, caffeine & taurine give me a lot of kick for the workout).
    Post workout 100g Basmati rice + basa fish
    Meal 7, A banana & whey

    That's how roughly looks. What do u guys think? I don't have 'cheat meals' very often, since, well...It's juz a habit I've built over time. So diet is prettty frickin' clean. Is it too clean?

    I currently weigh 62kg's,. standing at 164cm's. I WAS 65 3 months ago..what's the deal?

  2. Right after your workout why dont you try a shake, and then have your post workout meal about an hour after that. Also for your last meal try switching to a protein blend or have some cottage cheese. It looks like you could up your healthy fats a bit also. Just my suggestion though. Good Luck
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by pmiller383 View Post
    Right after your workout why dont you try a shake, and then have your post workout meal about an hour after that. Also for your last meal try switching to a protein blend or have some cottage cheese. It looks like you could up your healthy fats a bit also. Just my suggestion though. Good Luck
    Try a shake or chicken breast. I dont know if this makes sense, but I feel 'bigger' after eating chicken and milk. Just rice would make me feel the same.

  4. lol stupid me. I don't know what I was thinking when I first posted this...

    Straight after my workout, I down 100g of oats with a serving of whey. Then an hour latter i have the rice & fish...then it's allll accurate.

    Good fats you say?'s a better alternative than dirty carbs!

  5. REAL GAINA s the best by far

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Pistol Pete View Post
    Maybe I should juz consider going in lean & cut?
    nothing wrong with that idea, you don't have to be hayuuuuge to look good. The healthy fats idea from pmiller is probably the best way to go if you seriously want to slap on more pounds.

    picture if you add a tbsp of fish oil 3x a day, and to each of your shakes you add a tsp of coconut or grapeseed (flax would be nice, but may wreck the taste) oil, you are tacking in almost 500 extra cal a day... just the fish oil would be 360, so over time enough to add a pound every 10 days.

  7. yeah, I suspect that efa's is the main lacking macronutriant in my diet.

    I've been focusing on protein & carbohydrates a lot lately, since for muscles to grow they need glycogen, sodium & water....and of course Powerful PROTEIN lol

    I'm not sure how chuckin' a tbsp of fish oil in my choc hydrolyzed whey, since i've got about 5kg's left! Ok, I tend to buy that stuff in bulk...but I digress...

    The physique I'm really after is the fitness model, sporting look, so i'm juz a little concerned that I may lose points for not having the mass that my competitors will have. But then again, if I get my act together starting feburary, come october I could get top poitns for conditioning & i wish the IFBB had a fitness for guys division...but allas, there is the INBA (for the natty's)..

    Would cuttin' up a bunch of almonds & putting it into my shake be as good as an idea? I suppose it is lol, I'm juz wondering which would be more...advantageous

  8. I agree that real gains is good, but if you are focusing on fitness over mass, I would try putting in some other proteins in your diet, you have a lot of whey, fish, and meat, but one thing that helped me put on some was adding in casein, egg albumen, and liver proteins. Look for something that has hydrolyzed peptides in it, otherwise digestion is tough in PWO portions. I like ON Pro Complex and Universal Uni Liver, ...

  9. so do u wish to compete in an actual bodybuilding comp or just something along the lines of fitness etc???

  10. Hey!

    yeah, i'm still looking into mass gainers, the ON Super Mass gainer looks quite good. Still doing a bit of research. I"m actually quite allergic to eggs, so having egg based protein / fats is not going to happen.

    A night time casein shake before bed is a good idea. I"m planning on competing in bodybuilding competitions, 2008 I'll be doing my frist ones. I'll be keeping my goal of 'lean & fitness' look thru this competition. So, needless to say, I wont be hauuuuuge, jus ripped

  11. oh okay!
    how tall are you? how much do you weigh?

  12. I'm 164 cm's tall, weighin' 64-65kg's, not sure what that is in lb's, sorry 138, i think...

  13. Add 2 TBSP of natty PB to your night time shake. Chocolate and Peanut Butter go together like... something. But they taste good and would add some more fats.
    “Besides, it is a disgrace to grow old through sheer carelessness before seeing what manner of man you may become by developing your bodily strength and beauty to their highest limit.”


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