Good bulking stack? critique

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    I'm in the middle of a cutting cycle taking Thyrotabs. I'm fascinated its going great, abs showing and all the stuff yodda yodda yodda. I'm planning a bulking cycle after but here's the catch... I have been struggling with the leaning out cycles for a year. Finally after trial and error I've managed to go from 250 lbs to a lean 188. I put on fat and muscle very easy. Honestly I don't need many supps to "bulk" but then I end up fat. So... here is my bulk cycle stack, please tell me if its adequate for me considering what I just said:

    *Assume (because it will be) diet is right on*
    - Lean Xtreme (why? as a thyrotabs "pct" for thyroid regulation and to keep cortisol under control. I assume I can benefit from the cort blocking by avoiding "belly fat" Also on the product description it claims that it can "accelerate your progress ON cycle.)
    - Furazadrol at minimal dose (why? because it is a mild PH and because it has great reviews on fat loss, in my case it could help KEEPING IT OFF on cycle, and the anabolic side of this supp is a plus in my case.)
    - DCP (why? nutrient partitioning capabilities for the xmas holydays and whatnot, and to avoid some damage for the once a week "cheat meal" I will be allowing myself.)
    -Either/Or of: Xtend or Animal Nitro (why? to keep as anabolic as possible during the workout)
    - Nano Vapor (why? to keep me going with the motivational pumps during workouts

    Aside from the multi and whey, is there anything else I should add to or remove from the stack? Is it even a good stack? Been thinking about it for days and this is the best I could come up with. Hope to see some replies

  2. Looks decent. I dont know much about furzadrol but wont you need to do a p.c.t.

    Also theres other options than Nano vapor, I recommend White FLOOD or Ragnarok.

  3. Nano vapor is way to new to be reviewed as a really good supplement. I would go w/ something like NO Shotgun due to its contents along w/ its NOX properties. It has all of the essential parts of a pre workout supp along w/ BCAAs and high quality creatine. This supp should be taken at least 45 minutes b4 working out, and complimented w/ a pre workout shake containing whey and some type of fat source high in monounsaturated fats such as olive oil or flax.

    Also, look into Regeneration X by ALRi for a post workout supp. This is a key supp that can compliment a bulking diet due to its recovery qualities.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by RenegadeRows View Post
    Looks decent. I dont know much about furzadrol but wont you need to do a p.c.t.
    According to a lot of people's opinion you don't really need much of a pct for this one other than a test booster/AI. I'd say more so especially if keeping a low dose on the stuff. What it comes down to with me really, is I want to avoid using a SERM. Not that I don't want to or that I wouldn't, I just find it hard to get. Also these research chem stuff are kind of vague for me. I don't know people in person that have used them or even ordered successfully. Ridiculous as it may sound, if people insist for me not to use the Furazadrol without a SERM, then I'll consider pulse cycling it. But I doubt it that'll be the case, I hope. ALRI NHS stacks are too lengthy, I woudlnt want to do such a long bulk either.

  5. That's good info lil giant, thanks. Also that's already 2 poeple that recommended white flood. hmmm, guess I'll look more into it



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