Clean Bulk Diet, critique please

  1. Clean Bulk Diet, critique please

    Here is my clean bulk diet. I am 6 ft, 183lbs 15%ish bf, all natural. This is about 3200 cals pro/carb/fat= 250g/320g/75g

    Meal 1
    1 cup dry oats
    1/2 large apple
    1 cup egg whites
    1/2 oz almonds

    Meal 2
    1 and 1/3 cup brown rice
    1/2 oz almonds
    4oz tuna

    Meal 3
    MHP UP YOUR MASS shake (during class)

    2 slices whole wheat bread
    1/4 cup oats
    1 scoop whey

    Post Workout
    1/2 serving Cytogainer

    Meal 4 (6)
    3.5oz wheat pasta
    1tbsp peanut butter
    4oz 96% beef
    1 cup veggies

    Meal 5
    1/2 serving Muscle Milk
    1/4 cup cottage cheese
    7 fish oil caps
    1 cup veggies

    Any places I can improve? The MHP shake I wish i could substitute but my meal time is during class and that's something I can pound down fast. It's pretty much ground oats/barley and a protein blend. Should I sub he MM with more cottage cheese +almonds or just leave it? Is whey preworkout good? I try to get as many whole protein sources between school and trying to keep it convenient. You help would be appreciated.

  2. Your diet looks real solid to start with. If you want you can just do a whole cup of cottage cheese before bed (~28gr slow protein) What body type are you?
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Representative

  3. body type

    endo with a small frame.....unfortunately.

  4. Then that looks good to me
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Representative

  5. Looks very good. I like this diet, if it was me id make a few small changes but looks pretty good. Make sure you take your shakes only pre and post workout tho bro.

  6. yeah looks solid. So how much protein are you taking in post workout with 1/2 serving of Cytogainer?
  7. protein

    I take about 20g pre in the form of whey, but it comes out to 30g from the food. The cytogainer 1/2 serving has 27g of protein. I have a whole food meal 45mins after that has 40-45g protein. I get 250g per day at 185lbs. I am not using any anabolics, so i don't think my body can really use any more than that.

  8. Looks pretty solid to me as well

    I was trying to find something to add or change just to try and add some value, but I think you've got it really solid maybe the idea of more cottage cheese + almonds vs the muscle milk would be nice, avoids some late carbs


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