Calorie intake question

  1. Calorie intake question

    I was just wondering what a good amount of calories per pound for an ectomorph is with a fast metobolism. Right now I get in 18 calories per pound on off days and 20 calories per pound on trainings day.

  2. There isnt a simple answer to your question. 18 to 20 is a popular range for the average Joe but if you are tall, lean, and are physically active outside of the gym you could require much more to bulk. Only way to tell for sure is to make a starting meal plan and then adjust the calories as necessary to get the desired results.

  3. Yeah, no easy answer there. Track as precisely as you can what you take in, and monitor that plus scale weight over 2 weeks to try and figure what your real base metabolic rate is. Either that or find one of the places that uses the oxygen sensors to tests your RMR

  4. hmm alright I think i will track my calories everyday and weight my self over 2 weeks. Is there any kind of math formula for like say calories,weight, and then something that add bodyfat % into it so you can tell if you are getting in to many calories? ( I hope that makes sense)

  5. Here is a basic BMR calculator that will give you some starting points for calories:

  6. this set too, I like the ones that do resting rate separately, and they have a bunch else there, inlcuding calorie counts of activitites

    Calories Burned, BMI, BMR & RMR Calculator |

    you can also find a place that has one of these machines

    VO2, Fitness Assessment, Spirometry and Metabolic Testing Equipment

    its around $45, but they give you a pretty accurate #


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