HELP!! Stiffness and Pain

  1. HELP!! Stiffness and Pain

    Hey i just started hittin the gym again yesturday did a chest and arm workout. Today i am stiff as hell which i expected. I want to hit it up again tonight and do some back. Is there anything i can do to kill of the stiffness while i am working out. I take the follwoing supplement which always get rid of it but its just cause its my first time back, i am always in rough shape after the first few times.

    Muscle Juice Wieght Gainer
    SuperPump Pre workout
    Leator (preworkout)
    Purple K (pre and post)
    Allmax protien Isolate
    Novedex Xt
    Saw Palmetto

    Any help out be appreciate Thanks.

  2. i dont think you can take anything today that will help with sore and stiffness that quick, other than an anti inflammatory. After a week or two it should all subside though.. if not I would recomend some cissus and fish oil. Keep pushin!!!

  3. Thanks!

    yah thanks man thats what i kind of figured. Dont get me wrong i love it mean i cranked it yesturday just makes today work out a little tougher. If im that rough come gym time i gues i could just do legs and rest the upper body for another day. Thanks again.

  4. 1) Stretching
    2) Anti Inflammatory - Fish oil, aspirin
    3) Stretching
    4) BCAAs
    5) Rest

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