Advice on my comeback cycle

  1. Advice on my comeback cycle

    I'm going to start bodybuilding again. Its been 4-5 years or so since i stopped. I was in high school 6'0 178 lbs bodyfat was 3-4%, worked out and ran atleast 2 times a day, also played football and wrestled.

    I took VPX 1-test to aquire this.

    I was about 18 at the time and graduated and stopped working out and eating healthy.

    I am now 22 and Im going run Pro Tbol by Gaspari and Hemadrol. I now weigh 230 im kinda fat but still have much of the muscle i gained years ago.

    I have a mild lump in left breast that is painful on occasion.

    now that its all on the table I'd appreshate as much advise/help as possible and am open to anything.

  2. Honestly, you should have learned your lesson from the first cycle and ending up with gyno...sometimes those lumps when left untreated for so long need surgical intervention. Did you do your homework after the first one and see what you needed to take to stay safe?

    If you are serious about this comeback then do it clean....esp dont just right into it on a cycle, thats just a poor decison. It also sounds like you need a solid cardio plan to lose all the fat, which means that doing a cycle would be ill timed.

    You have alot of work in front of you and it really needs good old fashioned dedication and being taken back to the basics.

  3. your right, I have been doing my homework recently so I know what to do now. thank you for the advice

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