Slowing down metabolism.

  1. Slowing down metabolism.

    I eat 6 meals a day, I have noticed that doing this I burn like a furnace my metabolism gets very high, and say I have a few off days where my calories are cut or I eat less meals, I shed weight fast.

    So would it be possible to slow your metabolism down by eating maybe 4 meals but still managing to get all the calories I need. Would this work?

  2. Why dont you give us your stats and tell us what you want to accomplish and the people on this board can easily point you in the right direction. Do you just want to bulk? Do you want to try and tone? Whats your workout like? Whats your diet like?

  3. 6'3"
    12% BF

    I can drop to 8% very fast just by changing my diet. I always want to bulk, I want to be as big I can possibly be. I just want to get away with not taking in so many calories, it is a pain in the but to eat all the time. For some guys eating 5000-5500 calories a would make them huge because they have a slower metabolism, and I am forced to eat those calories just to maintain my bodyweight.

  4. I think you have to learn to live with it.

    For one you are tall. This means that you have a large surface area to volume ratio thus you lose more heat than a short stocky person.

    You could try to reduce your energy expenditure. Do you have a physical job? How long are your work outs? Train smarter not harder (ie. short and sweet).

    Eating larger and less frequent meals will probably just shift more bodyweight into fat. Have you tried to focus on higher calorie whole food sources?

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