Feel free to criticize my nutrition :)

  1. Feel free to criticize my nutrition :)

    Hello there,

    First, I'm sorry for my crappy english, I'm one of your old french friends

    No, actually I'm a young man

    I was lifting for a few months ago but I had a months off (I removed my "wisdow teeth" and I eat almost nothing)

    So, I spent lot and lot of money on supplements but I'm ready to stop that madness. I want VERY FUNDAMENTAL results, so a real world foods intake.

    I'm only 65 kilos (143 lbs) and ectomorphic (I think ...), I want to bulk, so I made a diet programm, and my trainning programm is the MAX-OT one.

    Wake up 9:00 am :
    Meal1: Oatmeal 40g with milk, 3 eggs, orange juice, banana (when I will have the money to afford it :+ 1 TBSP of Barlean Total OMEGA (very concentrated OMEGA 3,6,9 mix of oil))

    11 am :
    Meal2: cottage cheese (fat free), a fruit (probably banana or apple)

    1 pm :
    Meal 3: Potato, Top round steak, green veggie

    3:30 pm :
    Oatmeal with milk

    3:45 pm :
    Meal 4 : Prework-Out:
    MIX : Ragnarok + Kwick Karb 25g

    Just coming back home : (5:00 pm) :
    Meal 5: Post-WorkOut
    MIX : Kwick Karb 25g + 2 scoop of whey with milk

    5:30 pm :
    Meal 6: Brown Rice, Chicken breast, Green beans, Banana

    8:00 pm :
    Meal 7: Turkey, Veggies

    10:00 pm :
    Meal 8: smoked Salmon on whole bread toast with butter (Iíll take a low fat percent), cottage cheese (fat free)
    (when I will have $$$ + 0.5 tbsp Total OMEGA)

    When I hope I will succeed (I think it will be pretty hard to eat all of that food, but I'll try)

    Just a few question :
    Is the Barlean Total Omega (a TBSP : omega 3 : 7g, omega 6: 2.5g, omega 9 : 3g) a good purchase ?

    Is it better to talk whey protein before or after workout ?

    Is my diet looks great ?


  2. Very good. Your making me hungry.

    Take your whey after a workout.

    Omega's are good in a bulk phase for health and keeping down fat gain

  3. Thanks man,

    Any other idea ?

    If you would change something, it would be what ?

    I'm thinking about change the "25g of kwick karb for 75g" to be sure to fill the glycogene reserves


  4. I wouldnt consider meal 4 really a meal. I would suggest you bump up the calories. Looks pretty good tho but eat more!

  5. Ok but the meal 4 is not just the ragnarok + kwick karb, it's also the oatmeal 15 min before.

    Considering this new information, please tell what (exactly) you would do if you where me (about meal 4 but other meal too !)


  6. That's a bulking diet?

    I don't see enough Oats or Natty PB in there...


  7. That bulk diet sucks...

    You need to be eating 3x that much...

    cottage cheese + an apple does not constitute a meal

  8. ok and what could I eat to have a real meal at 11am ?

  9. Quote Originally Posted by pocketboy View Post
    ok and what could I eat to have a real meal at 11am ?
    have another beef meal mate

  10. What the **** is up with people calling a diet like that a BULKING DIET... bro that is a diet DIET. I don't mean to sound like an ******* but as said above, you need to eat twice that much which is probably not possible being as all the calories you eat are extremely clean.

    You claim to be an ecto.. so go eat a cheeseburger once a while. It will do you some good, and make reaching your caloric surplus actually possible. If you refuse to eat a tasty burger once in a while then go buy some gainer and pound that **** back. GL.

  11. Most of what you have listed in your diet should be considered "Filler Foods", meaning that you just eat them in addition to eating real bulking foods. What I suggest you do is instead of making a strict diet plan and eating the same boring things everyday...go to the grocery store and stock up on essentials, buy red meat in bulk, have your protein shakes (Whey and Casein), and prepare bulking recipes from the recipe forum....in mass amounts so you can grab a bowl, or a plate of it throughout the day. Remember an ectomorph needs LOTS of food....

    What I buy when I go to the grocery store:
    Natty PB
    12 chicken breasts/12 center cut pork chops/assorted steaks
    Eggs (2 dozen)(hard boil some for convenience)
    Kidney Beans
    Rice (even Minute rice if you dont have time)
    Cottage Cheese
    Oatmeal packets
    Whole Milk (by the gallon)
    Crackers for the PB
    Grape Juice (preferably Concord Grape Juice)
    Peanuts (unsalted)
    Brazil nuts
    Canned peaches
    Spring Water (by the gallon)
    Wheat Bread


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