Morning Workouts

  1. Morning Workouts

    I've been doing morning workouts now, I used to work out at night, and twice a week- id do basically all upper body, for bout 1half hours-2 but i dont anymore, now i am just doing 3-4 different exercises each morning...but i dont really feel the kick of it, if that makes still feeling it when i actually do it, but my body doesnt hurt afterwards, and i dont feel pumped...i still look the same but i dunno....any reason for this? and i have to stick with the mornings....only way i can do it now that summer is over.

    Any ideas would be great...thanks guys

  2. well it seems like your not a morning person for starters. also It seems as if youve been doing your workouts in the afternoon for some time now. I get this a lot too. I have college and on some days im forced to do morning workouts and somedays I can go whenever I want. your probably not feeling the hurts because you never applied enough weights to feel the hurts. my recommendation for you is to pick up some pre-workout supplement to help you get that morning going and your workout as well. it may work wonders for you. It has for me.

  3. what does your diet/training regime consist of? Do you eat a solid meal before the morning workout?

  4. I wake up take a shower, eat a bowl of cereal, then workout
    is 3 exercises enough...sets of 3 each?
    I do need something to gte me up in the moring, and what kind of sup. u thinken of?

  5. well, cereal is not the best pre-workout meal, some protein and carbs would be better (oats would be ideal.) It takes a little while to get used to the morning workouts, a pre-workout stim such as rpm might help as well.



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