bulking question.... help out!!

  1. bulking question.... help out!!

    Hey Guys,
    i was just wondering that is bulking and then cutting the only two options out there to get into a good shape??
    is it possible to not bulk and keep up with a good diet+work out and build up great muscularity and strength??
    what i am trying to say is that to consume good quantity of carbs+proteins and fats and work out regularly and do cardio.. Is it a must do thing to bulk and then cut??

  2. Not at all... You can get into shape just by hitting the gym a few times per week. I believe the reason for bulking and cutting is to better promote growth among your muscles without retaining too much fat in the process. If you don't want to bulk and cut but still want to gain adequate amounts of muscle without the fat make sure your nutrition is in check. Also i'm not sure where I heard this, but naturally one can only build about 8-10 pounds of MUSCLE real muscle per year. If someone else can verify this or tell me i'm wrong I would like to be informed of this too.

  3. you need to define what 'in shape' is mate. there r heaps of ways to get in shape, bulking and cutting just two of them. If you just want to be fit and healthy, than eating a healthy diet with regular cardio and weight lifting will do that for you no problems. Unless by 'in shape' your talking about other goals besides being fit and feeling good?

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