Switching Over To mornings....

  1. Switching Over To mornings....

    I am going to be doing most of my workouts in the morning, am doing them at nite now, but once college starts i wont be able to, cause ill be going from college to work to home which ill be doing homework, but my classes dont start till 10am so ill be able to workout round 8, wont effect me switching over right?

  2. Are you an english major? (just kidding)

    Don't know why it wouldn't work. I work out in the mornings.

  3. As long as your not hungover and tired in the morning it wont effect you. It might even benefit you to keep your body guessing

  4. i switched from night to morning about 3 months ago, and after taking 3-4 RPM's and a PWO drink (chaos) by the end of the week my body was used to it........however don't get discouraged if for the 1st or 2nd week you're not lifting the same amount until the adjustment takes place....remember lifting in the evening means that you've been walking and moving around all day so you're body's been gettin stretched and sort of warmed up already in the morning it's not like that.....i recommend taking 5 to 10 mins. on the treadmills or whatever after stretching to warm up.....just what i do/did.

  5. I prefer working out in the morning for a couple of reasons. I feel like my motivation is very high in the morning and that I wont have to worry about going through the day with the idea that I still have to get to the gym. Although thats a personal preference with working out in the morning I feel like and its true that the rest of your meals during the day really go towards your recovery from that mornings workout.



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